Stephen Moore Foster

In The Confederate Army

Co. E, 23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

On September 3, 1861, Stephen Moore Foster enlisted in the Confederate Army. He enlisted in Company "E", 23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment at Camp Trousdale by Lt. Col. Neil for a period of 12 months and was later in Company "C". It was designated as Captain Cantrell's Company. In another record it states that he enlisted on July 19, 1861 at Camp Anderson by a Capt. Scuder for a period of 12 months.

Stephen Fought in battles at Chikamauga, Fishing Creek, Perryville, Missionary Ridge, Shiloh, and Murfreesboro. In a letter written by Stephens first cousin (Jesse J. Foster), he writes;

"Now coming back to uncle Steve Foster. He was in the Battle of Shiloh, Tennnessee, one of the biggest battles of the Civil War. Papa said that the family thought he was lost. No one could find Steve, but they saw a man all blacked up with smoke. When they got the smoke off of him, they discovered Steve Foster. They used the cap and ball rifle in those days, and uncle Steve said he fired his rifle 108 times, aiming it just like he was shooting at a squirrel. He was so calm that he counted all the shots. My father said that uncle Steve came to Texas after the war and settled in Hunt County with Greeneville the county seat."

On August 18, 1863 Stephen was paid by Maj. C. L. Randolph in the amount of $22.00 for the period of service from May 1, 1863 to June 30, 1863. In the next record it shows that Stephen was Detached on Provost guard 10 May 1863 at Wartrace, Tenn. In the next record it shows that Spephen deserted at Ultana Station, Tenn. September 7, 1863. It was later discovered that he had been wounded and taken prisoner and was in a hospital in Nashville. On October 29, 1864 Stephen took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States and was released to return home.

If Stephen went to Texas, he apparently didn't stay long. He moved to Roseville, Logan County, Arkansas and settled near the Arkansas River.

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