State Senator of

It appears that Bluford was elected to the Tennessee State Senate. I have not confirmed this at this time. There are some letters and clippings that indicate that it is true. The first item is a handbill or a clipping from a newspaper. It is "To the Republican Voters". There is only fragments so all can not be read. It starts out "Fellow Citizens, I am a candidate to represent you in the lower branch---". Further on it states "should I be a member of the next Legislature I will---". The document .

Then there is another clipping that appears to be an endorsement signed by some very prominent men of that time.

Liberty, Tenn., August 26th, 1867

B. T. R. Foster is a gentleman with whom we have been long acquainted, he is a man of business habits, well qualified to fill any position which he may ask, and is every way worthy; his constancy in the cause of the Union gives him a very high place in our confidence, and we are sure would go very far to commend him to the confidence and respect of all good and truly loyal members; and if he should ask for a position or place and become the recipient of the same, the duties assigned him would be faithfully performed, and that to, to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. We take great pleasure in making the above statements, and hope they will prove beneficial to our old and tried friend, Foster.


J. A. FUSON, Senator from Wilson and DeKalb,
W. T. ROBINSON, Representative from DeKalb,
W. B. STOKES, Member of Congress,
ALEX ROBINSON, Comm. of Registration, DeKalb Co.,

On the bottom left had corner is a note in Blufords hand writing with the following.

I was elected to office in
the State Senate on this,
but before the adjournment
my affliction compelled me
to return home sick, then
B. T. R. Foster

The document

Then there was the letter written to his wife Mary from the "Senate Chambers, Nashville, Tenn.". There is one more fragment of another letter with the following.

"I was then, on the recommendation of the most prominent Republicans in Middle Tenn. appointed to the office of Internal Rev Assn which I held about 3 yrs when I was elected as an officer of the State Senate, where I became so completely disabled by a paralytic malady that I was forced to return home before the close of the session, and--" The document

When I confirm that Bluford was in the Senate I will post it here on this page.

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