The U.S. Army Seal


I entered the U. S. Army on October 4, 1954 and took Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, S. C. After completing basic I went to Ft. Gordon, GA. for AIT (Advanced Individual Training) which was Military Police School. Upon completing school I reported to Camp Kilmer, N.J. for shipment overseas. After arriving in Germany at the Replacement Depot, I received orders for the Military Police Det., in Orleans, France. I was stationed there for four years. Here are a couple of photos. Photo #1, Photo #2.

When my tour in France ended I was assigned to the M.P. Det. United States Army Aviation Center, Ft. Rucker, AL. After being there about four months I applied to go to the Helicopter Maintenance School and was accepted. I went through the Basic Aircraft Maintenance course and then on to the H-21 Cargo Helicoptor school. After completing school I was assigned to the Aerial Combat Reconnaissance Co. (Expermintal), as a Mechanic on H-21 Helicoptors. This Unit was the first Armed Helicopter unit in the Army.

6th Transportation Co.

On August 22, 1961 I received orders for the 6th Transportation Company in Korea. I arrived there about the first of October after taking leave. I was assigned as a mechanic in the Maintenance Platoon. After about five months I was assigned as a Crew Chief on a H-21 Helicoptor. I was in Korea for sixteen months. It was a short tour of duty. Here are two photos from there. Photo #3, Photo #4.

3rd Transportation Co.

I left Korea on December 14, 1962. After a thirty day leave, I reported to Davison Army Airfield, Ft. Belvoir, VA. to the 3rd Transportation Company. I worked as a mechanic on CH-21 Helicoptors for a while and then was transferd to the CH-34 Helicoptor section. I was sent TDY (Temporary Duty) for one month back to Ft. Rucker, AL. to attend the CH-34 Maintenance school. After returning from School I was assignes as a Crew Chief on a CH-34. Two more photos. Photo #5, Photo #6

11th 4th

In July, 1964 I was on my way to Germany again. This time I went to the 11th Transportation Company in Nelligin, Germany. This was a CH-34 Helicopter Company. I was assignes as a Crew Chief on a CH-34. In 1966 this Unit was being disbanded and I was assigned to the 107th Transportation Brigade at Ludwigsburg, Germany, (with my aircraft). Later that year I was promoted to E-7 and was transferd to the 4th Aviation Company, which was a CH-37 aircraft unit that had moved from Manhime, Germany to Nelligin where I had been before. I went to school there in Germany for a month on the aircraft. I was assigned as a Maintenance Platoon Sgt. and later as the First Sergeant. I did get in some good trout fishing while there. Photo #7

1st Cavalry Div.

In June, 1967 I received orders for Vietnam. I left Germany the 1st of July with a thirty day leave before reporting to Oakland, California for shipment overseas. I arrived in Vietnam and was assigned to Company "C", 228th Aviation Bn., 1st Cav. Div. As a Maintenance Platoon Sgt. The 228th was a CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Bn. On December 26, 1967, three of my Platoon aircraft picked up a Company of Infantry from the field and was taking them to see the Bob Hope show at an Air base. On approach to the airfield something happened to the aircraft that I was on. From about 300 feet we fell tail first. There was thirty three personel on board. There was eleven killed and everyone was hurt. Here are two photos. Photo #8. Photo #9. The next day after this photo was taken I was put in the Hospital and then was sent to Japan and from there back to Fort Campbell, Ky. for surgery. I left Japan in January of 1968 with a cast on my leg.

After arriving at Ft. Campbell with the cast on my leg, the swelling had gone down so the Doctors decided that I didn't need surgery. I was assigned to Campbell Army Airfield as a Maintenance Suppervisor. My leg was not improving so in June, 1968 the Doctors decided to do the surgery. My kneecap had been cracked in the accident and calcium was forming under it and was cutting in to the cartilage. Photo #10. After the surgery and two months recovery I returned to work at the airfield. On June 6, 1969 I received orders returning me to Vietnam for a second involuntary tour. My availability date was September 1, 1969.

1st Aviation Bde.

On September 12, 1969, I again arrived in Vietnam. I was assigned as a Maintenance Supervisor to the 273rd Avn. Co. The 273rd was a CH-54 helicopter company which was called the Sky Crane or Flying Crane. Photo #11 . Later in my tour I was reasigned to the 187th Assault Helicopter Company in TaNin province. I was assigned as the Aircraft Maintenance NCO.Photo #12

On April 11, 1971 I departed Vietnam for reasignment to the U.S.Army Transportation Center, Ft. Eustis, VA. After a 30 day leave I reported to Ft. Eustis. I was assigned to the Staff and Faculty Co. of the Aircraft Maintenance School as an instructor. An opening became available in the National Guard Advisory Group in Nashville, TN. I applied for the position and got it. I reported in on August 25, 1971. I was assigned as an advisor to the Tennessee Nationial Guard Aviation section in Smyrna, Tennessee. I was at this assignement for five years.

193rd Inf. Bde.

I received orders for the Panama Canal Zone. On December 16, 1976 I arrived in the Canal Zone. I had an assignement to the 590th Aircraft Maintenance Co., 210th Aviation Battalion. After arriving I was assigned as the First Sergeant of the 352nd Aviation Company. For a short time I was also acting Sergeant Major of the Battalion. Photo #13 & #14. Our Mission was supporting the 193rd Inf. Bde., which had the responsibality for the security for the Canal Zone. Our aircraft were CH-47's, OH-58's and fixed wing aircraft. There was some good fishing in the Canal and the Lake. Photo #15 & #16. I departed Panama in June 1979.

Military District of Washington

On 21 July 1979, I reported to Davison Army Airfield, Ft. Belvoir, VA. I was assigned to the S-4 section as Aircraft Maintenance NCO. The mission of Davison Army Airfield was to support the Military District of Washington. I held this position until my retirement on 30 October 1981. photo#17 & #18 I retired as a Master sergeant E-8 with 27 years, 1 month, and 6 days, with a MOS of 67Z5M Aircraft Maintenance Senior Sergeant. I also had a secondary MOS of 95B5H, Military Police.

My decorations and awards:

Mechanics Badge, Good Conduct Medal (8th Award), National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal W/60 device, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, Army Commedation Medal(1st Oak Leaf Cluster), Senior Aircraft Crewman Badge, Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry W/Palm, Master Aricraft Crewman Badge, Army service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon(6th Award), Meritorious Service Medal.

After Retirement, My wife and I returned to Nashville, Tennessee.


After returning to Nashville, I took the Postal exams and applied for a position with the Postal Service. At the time there was about a two year waiting period. In the mean time I started a class on October 17, 1983 at the State Area Vocational-Technical School. It was a one year course in Computer electronics and Service Technician. I graduated from the course on September 28, 1984. Just as I was looking for a job in Computer Repair, The postal Service called me to work. After all processing and training, I began work as a Letter Carrier. I retired with 12 years service on 31 November 1995. Photo #19 & #20

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