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The following draft of a letter was sent to me by James P. Foster of Ft. Smith, AR.
He states: My father, Arthur E. Foster, had in his possession this rough draft of a letter written in 1897 that was mailed to my grandfather, Stephen Moore Foster. I've had this since my father died in 1971. Enclosed is an exact laser copy that was written on the end of a yellow ledger sheet. Josiah Spurlock "Joe" Foster was evidently interested in letting his brother, Steve, know what his "great expectations" were. Evidently Josiah had been in favor of the Republican Party and had sought an appointment as Post Master in Fort Worth, Texas. In March or April of 1897 Josiah sent the following rough draft note to Stephen, who was living in Roseville, Arkansas.
Thanks Jim.

The following is a draft of the letter written by Josiah Spurlock "Joe" Foster.

President Wm. McKinley of the United States Of America:

We the undersigned citizens of the City of Fort Worth do hereby recommend to your Excellency the name of our highly esteemed and polished gentleman, Mr. Joe S. Foster, as being the most worthy extra applicant to be appointed Post Master of our fine city. Mr. Foster would make us an excellent Post Master as he is very well educated and highly competent to keep a city post office, as he has had the benefit of first class schools we feel quite sure the duties of the office would be performed with exactness and precision, as no better man could be found in the State of Texas to keep a city office. President McKinley we appeal to you to give this Post Office to Mr. Foster, as we know the office would be honestly handled. As he has the lead in this city for the Post Mastership, we want you to give his application your most worthy consideration when the day arrives for you to appoint a new Post Master for our city.
He is endorsed by the leading people here for Post Master including the officials of the city and county and prominent Ministers of the Gospel and by many wholesale merchants where their business houses cover an entire square and 1/2 of a square and also by many select ladies of the city.
Now President McKinley we want to read this write up in the Fort Worth Morning Register and mail telegram of Mr. Foster being appointed to the high position of Post Master. Also the Dallas News has a large circulation. Would like to read the write up in the news of Mr. Foster being Fort Worth's new Post Master.

At the bottom of this paper was a note to his brother, Stephen.

"Steve, I don't send this kind of paper to the president. I have it printed on fine paper. I have an old book I tear this out of, as I want it."

NOTE: Joe didn't get the appointment.

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