Letter to Mary

The following letter is from Bluford T. R. Foster to his wife Mary.

Senate Chambers Nashville, Tenn.
October 15th 1867

My Dear Wife,

I received your letter this (Tuesday) morning. Of course I was much pleased to receive a letter from you, but you can scarcely conceive of the deep distress which I feel to hear of your affliction, and I will here urge upon you to spare no pains or expense in taking the necessary care of yourself. I most deeply regret the necessity of my absence from you but it seems unavoidable. I hope however that you may at least be able to come down before long and spend a week or two. I think I will probably get leave of absence between this and Christmas to come home a few days. If we only had our Rail road built I could come home every week free of cost. I have received complimentary tickets to travel on all the Rail Roads but unfortunately they all run the wrong way. I have just taken up another pen & I see it had red ink in it hence a change in the appearance of my letter.

I want to receive all items of home news pertaing to such things as relate to your comfort etc. I will buy you a carpet and will retain the house where you are as Ford told me. I should have the refusal therof. You may therfore consider yourself at home and proceed accordingly to buy wood, hay, shucks, corn etc. I will write some of my friends there to superintend as to buying such as you need. Anything you want out of the store apply to Ward for the same, and I will write him to assist you in buying what you need. I do hope you will not be despondent and dejected. Col. Blackburn will also assist you in getting what you need. He told me he would and I take him for a friend. He & Hathaway helped me considerably in my election here. I have been obliged to buy me some clothing, a coat, some shirts & drawers, but want you to send my heavy coat and other shirts by the first good chance. I have also bought a trunk, so you need not send one.

Do the best you can my dear till I come.

Faithfully yours
B.T.R. Foster

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