A Letter to Brown Foster

The following letter was written to William Brown Foster. There is no date on the letter, but I believe it was some time in the 1930s.

Dyersburg, Tenn.

Mr. Brown Foster:

Dear sir.

I take opertunity to write you as an unknown cousin. My name is M. A. Hauser, John Fosters daughter. My father was your fathers brother. I met a genteaman the other day that said he knew all of the Fosters up in middle Tenn. and that is where my father was born and raised, and lived several years after he married my mother, and I have never seen but one of his relatives and I always wished to see or get acquainted with his people.

I am an old lady, one of ten children of John Fosters family. Only three of us living now. One older brother, J. B. Foster, and one younger brother M. B. Foster. I have a family of 9 girls, all married and doing well. I am alone as my man died about ten years ago. I have lived with my girls ever since and am doing well, as they are all very kind to me and it is a great pleasure to visit among them all and I have a visit to make to my youngest girl that is married and living in Ft. Worth, Texas that wants me to come stay all winter with her as the climate there is mild and will be good for my old age now. I am healthy and strong haven't had a days sickness for several years. I am going out there in a few days. So answer this as soon as you can. I am going to my daughters at Phillippy, Lake County, Tenn. next week. I am at my daughters at Lenox, Dyer Co. Tenn. now. So if you answer tell me of all the Fosters you know as I dont have anything to do but read and write and visit about among my children.

I always have money to travel on as I have taken care of his insurance he left me, and I didn't invest at as I wanted it to use for my pleasure and benefit. I want to take a trip to Nashville next spring, and to see some of our kinspeople ut there in that part of the State. I travel around a lot by my self and enjoy it so much if I am an old lady. So I want the address of all my people in middle Tenn. so I can write them, and I want to visit them too. If I continue strong and as I am now, I hope to hear from you and see you too.

M. A. Hauser
(and in large letters)

The 1860 & 1870 Gibson County census shows that John W. Foster and Matilda Fletcher Foster had eight children. They were Tennessee Foster b. 1843, She married Tip Snowden in Memphis, Tn. Martha Foster b. 1845, Columbus Foster b. 1847, John Burns Foster b. 1849, Johnson Foster b. 1854, Menirva Foster b. 1858, Matilda Foster b. 1858, and Marshal Foster b. 1860. M. A. says she is one of ten children. I do not know who the two other children are. It appears that Menirva and Matilda were possibly twins. I don't know which one of them is the M. A. Hauser. She says that there is only three of them still living. J. B. which must be John Burns, and the other one M. B. must be Marshal. I have not been to Gibson County to do any research on this family. If anyone has any information on this family, I would like to hear from them.

William Brown Foster was a brother to my grandfather and a son of Anthony L. and Mary Cameron Foster.

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