BLUFORD T. R. Foster

In The Confederate Army

Co. A, 1st Battalion (Colms') Tennessee Infantry

On November 6, 1862, Bluford T. R. Foster enlisted in the Confederate Army for a period of two years. He enlisted in Company A, 1st Battalion (Colms') Tennessee Infantry. The unit was later consolidated with the 50th Regiment Tennessee Infantry and became Company B, of the consolidated Regiment.

On May 14, 1863, Bluford was reported as a Deserter. It was later discovered that he had not deserted but had been captured. Records show that he was captured by "The Army of the Tennessee at Jackson, Mississippi on May 14, 1863 and sent to Memphis, Tn. on May 25, 1863. It appears that they looked for him for sometime before finding that he had been captured. It is not known at this time how long he was held in a Prison Camp.

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