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I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to look at my site and honor me with one of their awards.

3rd Place Honor Roll Winner for
March 1998

Congratulations, Your site, Foster's in Dekalb Co., TN,
has won 3rd honors for the Heartland Genelaogy Honors award.

Congratulations! I have reviewed your Foster's Homepage
and have found it an excellent resource for Online Genealogy, and am
pleased to present you with my "Excellence in Genealogy" Award!

Tennessee Connections
One of your visitors nominated your site for the TC Award of Excellence.
Your site is an excellent resource for Tennessee Genealogy,
and am pleased to present you with the TC "Award of Excellence."

Family Genealogy Award
I am sending this from your page as I am viewing for evaluation for the Award.
You have done some nice work! Your picture is a nice touch too.
I always like to view the creator of a page.

Plant Your Family Tree
Your site has been chosen to receive The Plant Your Family Tree Award.
Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing to help preserve family history.

Steps In Time

I have visited your Fosters in Dekalb County site several times and have enjoyed it very much.
We are neighbors in the March Honor Roll. Please accept my Steps In Time Award.
"I give this award to those who have worked hard on their genealogy home pages.
Your site shows an investment of time,thought, courtesy, creativity, attention to detail
and a desire to preserve and make available your family history for others."

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