Anthony's Children

The first child born to Anthony and Mary Camron Foster was, William Brown Foster. He was born September 13, 1861 in Smithville. He Married Kate Crowley on April 29, 1886. They had six children.

The first was a daughter, O'Fallon. She was born September 1887. She married Earnest Dearman. They had no children. Ernest died in 1924 and O'Fallon died in 1974.

The second child was John Lee. He was born October 21, 1890. He married Ira Benton. They had no children. John died in 1966.

The next child was Susie R.. She was born October 11, 1892. She never married and she died in 1984.

Mary Rebecca was the fourth child. She was born November, 1894. On October 24, 1912 she married Richard Young. They had two children. Helen Ware and Richard Jr.. Helen was born August 18, 1913 and she married James Ford Jr. They had one daughter, Rebecca. James died 1989. Richard was born 1916 and he married Billie Maudine Hill. They had two daughters. Marsha and Susan. Billie died in 1979 and Richard Jr. died in 1986.

The fifth child was Louie Brown. He was born in 1901. He was married two times. One was Helen Hall and the other was Florence Kemper. He had six children and they lived in Texas. Louie Brown died in 1969.

The sixth child was Wilma. She was born in 1903 and married Brown R. Seals. They had two children. Brown Jr. and Caroline. Brown died in 1970 and Wilma died 18 January 1994. They lived in Warren County, Tn.

The second child born to Anthony and Mary was Mary Ann. She was born in 1863 and died in 1877 at the age of fourteen.

The third child of Anthony and Mary was Elizabeth Dove. She was born in 1865. She Married Dixon Allen Eaton. They lived in Nashville, Tn. and had five children. Dixon died in 1929 and Elizabeth died in 1949.

The fourth child born to Anthony and Mary was George Monroe. He was born October 6, 1867. He Married Pearl Womack born in December, 1877. They had six children.

The first, Athol J. was born March 9, 1897. On September 20, 1924 he married Cleo Vandagriff born October 12, 1904. They had four children. Mary Sue, one unnamed son that died shortly after birth, Athol K. and Sammie Rhea. Athol died July 1970 and Cleo died November 1989.

The second child was James M. born 9 May 1898. In 1925, while in the U. S. Navy, stationed in Haiti, he married Carola Stecher, born 10 March 1903. Carola was the daughter of the German Ambassador to Haiti. They had four children. James M. Jr., George, Bobby A., and Francis. James M. died 1 March 1995.

The third child was a daughter Mary Clarie born 2 December 1900. On 21 December 1919, she married Paul L. Willoughby. They had two children. Helen and Paul Foster. Paul L. died 15 May 1969 and Mary Clarie died 1 August 1991.

The fourth child was George Warlck born 1907 and died March 1963.

The fifth was Alva John born 28 July 1911 and died 26 October 1971.

The sixth and only living child of George and Pearl is Allie Rhea. She Married Sam A. Love. They have one son Sam Morgan.

The fifth child of Anthony and Mary was Martha Ella born October 1869 and died in 1950. Martha never married.

James C. was the sixth child born October 1871 and died in 1943. James was never married.

The seventh child was Samuel W. born August 1873. On 29 November 1896 He married Mattie H. Webb born 16 May 1873. Samuel died 1 October 1948 and Mattie died 17 December 1948.

Samuel and Mattie had one child Bethel Webb born 3 April 1898. He married Prudie Conger on 11 November 1930. Bethel died 18 February 1955 and Prudie died 7 May 1977.

John Edgar was the eight child of Anthony and Mary. He was born 5 October 1875 and died 9 January 1916. On 5 June 1907 he married Omah Tubb. They had one child John Tubb Foster that was born and died 11 September. Omah was born 2 October 1882 and died 1 January 1967. Omah was a music teacher here in the Smithville for many years.

Alva was the ninth child. He was born September 1877 and died in 1947. He and his brother James was in the hardware business for many years. The had the "Foster Bros. Hardware" Located on the east side of the Dekalb County Courthouse. Their Brother (and my grandfather) had a saddle, harness and shoe shop in the upstairs of the building.

Prudie B. was the tenth child. She was born 7 August 1881 and married Charley Dearman. They had two children. Jamie Lucille and Charles Foster. On 11 October 1909 Prudie died.

Jamie Lucille was born 1 Aug 1900 and died 15 June 1916.

Charles Foster was born 1909 shortly before the death of his mother. Charles married Ada Mildred Nixon in 1931. Mildred was born in 1911. They had three children. Charles Foster Jr., Janis and James Alva. Charles Sr. died in 1968.

Charles Jr. was born 3 September 1933. In March 1958 he married Jo Ann Adams. They had two children, Richard Mark and Charles Foster 3rd.

On 28 October 1961, Janis married Billy Judd Murphy. They had two boys. Jason and Jeremy.

James Alva Married Janis Richie on 20 December 1969. They have three children. Courtney, Tiffany and Samuel.

Robert Lelland was the eleventh child of Anthony and Mary. He was born January 1886. On 3 October 1924 while driving a T-model Ford going down a hill, the brakes failed and the car ran off a bridge at the bottom of the hill and turned upside down trapping Lelland under the car and he drowned.

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